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Thursday, 3 November 2011

my husband n i..

everyday when i went for a sleep, he always didn't at home.. don't know what he doing outside, but it really made me so sad, mad and everything that in the same meaning with bad thing.. sometime i drove to spy on him, it is true, he just hang out with his friend named obey and alau.. alau is the owner or burger shop so that is the place my husband spend his time.. he said it better that sit at home don't know what to do.. just like an idiot..  sometime when i can't slept, i waited until him get back.. but when i'm tired i didn't realize when he get back, i just know that he is back.. and when he get back, i'm the one who being his barbie doll..he said he hate when seeing me slept with so comfort so he love to disturb me.. what a habit? does anyone out there jealous to seeing his wife sleep well? - what a weird husband!! when he disturb me, of course lah i wake up..but when i'm wake up he force me to get sleep back.. that time i feel such want a shoot his face.. thank Allah i still know my position as his wife..hehe..what a funny husband!

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