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Thursday, 17 March 2011

Sunday, 13 March 2011


yesterday..my auntie's wedding made me very tired.. rse mcm x nk wake up 2day.. but kje punye pasal.. poor my lovely hubby kne drive last night from kg.Telok 2 our home..reach home at 2am..2day dy drive  ag g kote n kje2 still b'lambak..he ask me 2 go with him but i can't coz i have some work at d office.. if not, i'm with him now..nsb baek i kje ngan mylove je..if with goverment?? x relax mcm ni.. nk holiday pun ssg gle.. 2day nak send surat setuju terima projek, lesen kat KEJORA.. heheh baru dpt tender..murah rezeki.. huhuhuhu.. bile nak dpat anak pulak..? heeee...! alhamdulillah.. ade kje mean ade wet nanti.. bulan 6 nak pg kedah coz pihak lelaki plak wat kenduri..heheh..jaoh gle jarak.. and then tros g pangkor!! bestnye..x sba rse.. hope there is no problem.. amin.. nak save wet manyak2 nt bleh shopping!!..... but that lame lg..and arini rse mcm nk sleep je.. so tired..x breakfast pun lg..ish..lapo..

Friday, 4 March 2011

JEanS...i like..

love bootcut jeans..sooo much!! know why?coz i'm fat.. huhu so i can't wear skinny jeans, it's make me look soooo ugly!! ' straight cut..boleh la..hard to find bootcut jeans.. levis pun hard gile.. skinny b'sepah!! ermmm..=(

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

pray for me..pray by myself

my abah ' my father in law ' excited to be a grandfather..but i'm still not pregnant.. sometime it's make me sad.. but i'll try my best..huhu..hope to give mom ( mother in law ), abah , mummy ( my original mum ), ayah a grandson!! amin.....

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

wanna have kids!!

i want my own child.. hope i'll get it soon..as soon as possible.. really mean it, i want a child!!!! arghh..so stress!!!
hope mom ( my mother in law ) will be more healthy soon.. pity on her, have to take care her own mama ( my grandmother in law ) and lastly she fell sick too.. mama have been sick for a long time, almost a month, still remember on that night ( forget the date ) i, my husband, mom , dad, angah, uncle and his child..hurry went to hospital to fetch mama.. my husband and angah can't wait for more longer coz they have to work ( the next day ), imagine we all waiting mama until 3am.. that hospital was taken a long time, what a waste? ( just only 3 patience on that time ).. mama get into hotel ( wad )..mom waiting with her until her wake up ( that was only on the next day ) lucky it's was school holiday.. but bad for mom cause every single day ( holiday ) she the only daughter who take care of mama.. cause mama don't want other sibling take care of her.. i have to take mom's part at home ( cook, clean up everything, look for my youngers sis ) - tired being  a mom!
and now mama live with us ( but me and my hubby sometime have to back our own home - for more 'manje' huhu.., and today mom fell sick and the doctor said mom's sickness was so bad - darah tinggi yang melampau! ( boleh bawa maut tawu? ) , yesterday was a bad day, i thought i was pregnant but unfortunately i'm period, ( i kne period cramp ), mom sick , mama sick, youngerst sis sick, my husband sick.. everyone sick!! so bad!!


to realize how beautiful life is, is to live life beautifully!! - am i wrong??