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Thursday, 3 November 2011

today's story

i'm feel so bored today.. don't know why?.. so i take a few hour drive with my mom in law to salon.. i get my new hair cut 2day..hahah..actually last 2 week i just cut my hair until my shoulder but i not really satisfied with the fashion, so i brave my self to cut again my hair although my hair now is already short! without my husband permission.. when i'm back home, he already watching his movie..and my small sis in law said " along...nak tau x..kak ita kan.. dy kan.." so i shut her mouth and take she run from that place..suddenly she said again " x la along kite tipu je!"..when she said that, my husband knew something is going on and he notice my haircut and look at me at a long time! and he said " why u cut ur hair again? just waste.." so i'm say " i didn't said anything when u back with ur new hairstyle!- BOTAK.. he knew i don't like to see him botak style.. but he always doing that..he said it more easier than using wax! save time and cost.. i'm just said.."erm..yelah.." at least he didn't mad with my new hair..ahakz!

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