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Thursday, 3 November 2011

..love my baby..love my family..love my hubby..love myself..

The day will come.. my baby will see the world.. that is the day i'm going to feel how its feel to gave birth.. how its feel become a mom.. although i am excited.. i'm still scared at the same time.. can't imagine how my baby look like, how i am look like when has to push him.. oh.. i'm so scared! hope my hubby will be beside of me, although he said he don't want..but i really hope he could..he said he afraid to see it.. for me, what he tried to said is he didn't confident at all to see me.. such don't to give me an inspire or spirit.. i know i scared but what else can i do? neither want or not, i have to.. i need to make sure my baby safe.. really hope everything is just fine..

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