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Thursday, 21 July 2011

Hidup itu sesuatu yang...

x t'duge!!..yes, life is something unpredictable.. why i'm saying this? bcoz sometime i feel i'm the luckiest person in a world..sometime not.. sometime everything look easier , but sometime not.. sometime richest person in d world pun x enjoy..maybe pd mte kasar..they have everything exspecially money so they could enjoyed themself but we didn't notice sometime they poor in love..tau? kurg ksh syg.. sometime poorest person in d world pun blh jd richest person.. know why? bcoz even though they have no money, but if they love their family they will find a way to make their family feel comfort..org ckap bile ade kasih sayang baru hadir kekayaan, kesihatan, ketenteraman.. isn't me right about this?.. but ade a few golongan yg lebih gilekan harta, wang ringgit from family.. kalau yg mcm gtu mmg jenis y no feeling la.. maybe ade maybe not.. huh! tired thinking of this..

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