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Tuesday, 1 March 2011

hope mom ( my mother in law ) will be more healthy soon.. pity on her, have to take care her own mama ( my grandmother in law ) and lastly she fell sick too.. mama have been sick for a long time, almost a month, still remember on that night ( forget the date ) i, my husband, mom , dad, angah, uncle and his child..hurry went to hospital to fetch mama.. my husband and angah can't wait for more longer coz they have to work ( the next day ), imagine we all waiting mama until 3am.. that hospital was taken a long time, what a waste? ( just only 3 patience on that time ).. mama get into hotel ( wad )..mom waiting with her until her wake up ( that was only on the next day ) lucky it's was school holiday.. but bad for mom cause every single day ( holiday ) she the only daughter who take care of mama.. cause mama don't want other sibling take care of her.. i have to take mom's part at home ( cook, clean up everything, look for my youngers sis ) - tired being  a mom!
and now mama live with us ( but me and my hubby sometime have to back our own home - for more 'manje' huhu.., and today mom fell sick and the doctor said mom's sickness was so bad - darah tinggi yang melampau! ( boleh bawa maut tawu? ) , yesterday was a bad day, i thought i was pregnant but unfortunately i'm period, ( i kne period cramp ), mom sick , mama sick, youngerst sis sick, my husband sick.. everyone sick!! so bad!!

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